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Sweets & Chocolates

Guide to the best sweets & chocolates shops

You can buy a wide variety of sweets, from jelly beans to bubble gym, as well as delicious chocolates from the sweet shops and chocolate retailers in this section.

Top Picks in Sweets & Chocolates
Leonidas Leonidas  online shopping

Made in Belgium since 1910, Leonidas is famous for their fine Belgian chocolates and pralines which reflect an unsurpassed tradition of freshness and quality. You can buy luxury gift-wrapped boxes of different assortments online from the popular Leonidas shop in Victoria Street, London.
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Our Trusted Shops in Sweets & Chocolates
A Quarter Of  online shopping

A Quarter Of brings the traditional corner sweet-shop to the Internet. They stock over 500 good old favourites ... from blackjacks to cherry lips, bubbly bubblegum to sweet tobacco, candy necklaces to space dust ... and regular new sweet arrivals too. They're pretty popular and have been featured on the BBC (Good Food Live, Working Lunch) & ITV (This Morning), Radio 5, The Sun and The Times.
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Bag of Sweets Bag of Sweets  online shopping

Bag of Sweets specialise in vintage and retro sweets and candy. So, you can bring your childhood memories back to life with those sweets you thought no longer existed. Best sellers include Sweet Tobacco, Fizzy Wizzy, Space Dust, Wispa's Dairy Milk Bubbly and Toxic Waste. They also sell retro and fun gift boxes packed with sweets.
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Cadbury Gifts Direct Cadbury Gifts Direct  online shopping

At Cadbury Gifts Direct you can choose from a wide range of delicious Cadbury products including many not available in supermarkets or shops. Their site also features a 'pick and mix' section where you can create your own unique Cadbury hamper and a 'gift finder' to search for the perfect chocolate Cadbury gift by price or occasion.
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Chocolate Trading Company  online shopping

The Chocolate Trading Company brings you a wide selection of premium chocolates from over 15 leading chocolatiers from around the world ... everything from single origin vintage bars to assorted gift boxes and unique novelties such as the exploding chocolate bomb.
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Funky Hampers  online shopping

This funky online shop brings you a wide choice of hamper gift ideas for any occasion, ranging from food and sweet hampers to chocolate pizzas and DVD gift boxes. Many of our products are exclusive to them and all come with a free personalised greeting card.
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Neuhaus  online shopping

Neuhaus, one of Belgium's leading chocolatiers, has been making chocolates since 1857. You can buy their chocolate collections, as well as their biscuits and sweets, from their online shop. Gift boxes and attractive tins are available if you're buying tem as a present. Their chocolates will be delivered directly from Belgium to the UK.
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Thorntons Thorntons  online shopping

Thorntons is the UK's leading chocolate retailer with stores across the country. Their famous ranges include the "Thorntons Classics", traditional chocolates with familiar flavours, "Continental", chocolates inspired by flavours of European recipes and "Diabetic", chocolates prepared for diabetics with a reduction in sugars. They also sell chocolate, wine & champagne hampers, flowers and greeting cards. Their corporate service also supplies personalised branded gift boxes.
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