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Car Parts & Motor Accessories

Guide to the best car accessories and parts shops

These outlets and shops specialise in selling parts and accessories from a large range of manufacturers for your car.

Our Trusted Sites in Car Parts & Motor Accessories
1st Car Shop  online shopping

1st Car Shop is a one stop shop for all of your automotive accessory needs. Their extensive catalogue covers almost any custom accessories such as alloy wheels, body & interior styling, engine tuning, car audio, car care, lexus lights and neons, mobile phone car kits, performance air filters, radar detectors, car security and much more. Their prices seem pretty competitive too.
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Car Parts Finder  online shopping

Car Parts Finder was the first Internet multi-franchise portal for car parts, panels and accessories for OEM specification goods with reasonable discounts off average retail prices.
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Extreme Auto Accessories  online shopping

Extreme Auto Accessories specialise in interior and exterior design car accessories such as body kits, car spoilers, cockpit accessories, car audio, G-Max Sport suspension kits, G-Max lowering springs and lots of other lines not easily found in your average car accessories shop.
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Halfords Halfords  online shopping

Halfords is the UK's most popular one stop shop for all automotive needs, stocking a range of car audio & entertainment kits and accessories at great prices. But their site also offers some less associated areas such as push-bikes, car cleaning products, child seats, outdoor leisure equipment, motorcycle accessories and workshop equipment.
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Hendon Car Stereo Centre  online shopping

Hendon Car Stereo Centre doesn’t just offer a wide selection of car audio equipment, but also stock a good range of in-car TV, DVD and navigation systems. Prices are very competitive, as they will match or beat the price by £5 if you find a car stereo cheaper on any other UK based Internet shop.
visit website - Preview - more Hendon Car Stereo Centre info

Vertar  online shopping

Vertar are the UK's leading authorised supplier of the Zymol Car Care products which are very popular with Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes and other sports car owners. They can offer some exclusive deals like 'life-time refills' and stock a selection of car covers as well.
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