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Guide to the top mortgage companies

The internet is great for doing some research on the best mortgage deals and rates. The high street banks, as well as the specialist mortgage brokers below all allow you to get a mortgage quote online and start the application process.

Our Trusted Companies in Mortgages
Central Capital Mortgages  online shopping

Have you been refused a mortgage by the high street banks? Central Capital Mortgages specialise in finding mortgage solutions for people that have mortgage arrears, no proof of income, credit problems and hundreds of other situations that might cause banks to say 'no'. You can apply online on their easy to use site.
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Charcol Mortgages  online shopping

Charcol's mortgage search service is designed to help you find the right mortgage or remortgage to fit your personal circumstances, including buy to let. You can use Charcol's "Mortgage Wizards" to search for the product on the market that suits your needs, and then apply online.
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Mortgages & Re-Finance  online shopping

Mortgages & Re-Finance are independent advisers specialising in placing mortgages for people with adverse credit history (CCJ, arrears, IVA, defaults or bankruptcy). They have access to mortgages from over 500 lenders and will try to find the right mortgage to suit your needs, whatever they may be.
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Ocean Mortgages Ocean Finance Mortgages  online shopping

Ocean Mortgages are dedicated to providing you with a mortgage that matches your needs whilst giving you an honest, fair and efficient service. The value of their remortgages ranges from 10,000 to 750,000.
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