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Guide to the mobile network operators

Here you'll find the online shops for the 5 major mobile network operators (O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange and 3), as well as the virtual network operators (these are companies such as Virgin, which run their services on one of the other networks). All of them allow you to access their services (e.g. buy top-ups) and latest deals online.

Our Trusted Shops in Mobile Phone Networks
3 3  online shopping

Created as a pure 3G service, 3 brings together video calling, location based services, video clips and interactive games. You can browse their handsets and price plans online or look for your nearest high street 3Store.
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BT Mobile BT Mobile  online shopping

BT Mobile uses the T-Mobile network and offers a range of handsets and call plans to suite your needs. All their deals include free quick calls (up-to 2 minutes) to any UK land line. You can also buy a SIM only if you want to use one of their call plans on an existing phone.
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Fresh Mobile  online shopping

Fresh Mobile, from the Carphone Warehouse, is powered by the T-Mobile network. This mobile phone service currently only offers one 'No Line Rental Ever' tariff (which in other words is one pay-as-you-go plan).
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O2 O2  online shopping

If you've decided to go onto the O2 network, you can buy your mobile direct from the O2 online shop. They've got the latest mobile handsets available on their tariffs. You can also buy a SIM only to put in your existing phone and benefit from 500 free text per month plus a 5 per month discount.
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Orange Orange  online shopping

At the Orange site you can discover all you need to know about their service plans, services and latest promotions. You can buy new phones online, or find your nearest Orange store. They also promote some 'exclusive online plans' which are only available through their website.
visit website - Preview - more Orange info

T-Mobile T-Mobile  online shopping

At T-Mobile you can buy the latest handsets online, obviously connected one of their highly competitive 'monthly pay' or 'pay as you go' price plans. T-Mobile also have a consistent track record of exciting innovations such as t-zones and Caller Tunes, and ... their site also features a number of 'exclusive online offers' not found in any other shops.
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Talk Mobile  online shopping

Talk Mobile is the low-cost mobile network from the Carphone Warehouse launched in April 2008. It uses the Vodafone network meaning you'll get 99.7% UK coverage. They offer very competitive monthly contract and pay-as-you-go tariffs with competitive domestic and international calling rates as well as Free voicemail. To add to this you'll also be rewarded with free unlimited UK texts or free International minutes rewards every time you top-up.
visit website - Preview - more Talk Mobile info

Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile  online shopping

Virgin Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network, and is one of the fastest growing mobile operators in the UK. They just offer 1 simple good value 'pay as you go' plan which includes 3p texting, free line rental and no contract. And ... at any Virgin Megastore you'll get 1 of free airtime for every 10 spent when flash your Virgin mobile phone at the till.
visit website - Preview - more Virgin Mobile info

Vodafone Vodafone  online shopping

No surprise that at the Vodafone shop you'll also find the latest mobiles on their 'pay as you talk' and 'pay monthly' price plans. The Vodafone site also features additional info on how to use their service, as well as entertainment through their Vizzavi portal.
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