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Guide to the top household insurance companies

You can get no-obligation quotes at these home insurance companies and easily compare which policy best meets your needs and requirements.

Our Trusted Companies in Home Insurance
BUDGET Insurance  online shopping

With over 1 million customers, BUDGET is one of the UK's largest insurance intermediaries. They'll search their panel of leading insurers, to find the best car, home, bike or commercial vehicle insurance quotes for you.
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Churchill Churchill  online shopping

30% new customer discount when you buy Churchill home insurance online. You could benefit from new for old cover on contents, up to 30% no claim discount, 5% off contents when you buy buildings and contents together, and loads more. Click here for a fast, competitive quote.
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Direct Line  online shopping

Save up to 40% with Direct Line home insurance*. Buy online and receive a 15% introductory discount. (*Figures based on independent research conducted by Consumer Intelligence, January to March 2004)
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esure  online shopping

esure are very selective about the homes they insure and only offer cover in areas where the risk of flooding and subsidence is low. As such, their deals are very competitive, with potential savings of up to 30%.
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Lloyds TSB Insurance Lloyds TSB Insurance  online shopping

Lloyds TSB Insurance is one of the UK's leading insurance companies. They use a panel of leading UK insurers to find the best possible deal for their customers. You get 15% discount on their home insurance when you buy online.
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MORE TH>N MORE TH>N  online shopping

At MORE TH>N you can save 25% on your home insurance when you buy online. You'll get the reassurance of up to £75,000 contents cover, "as standard", and "New for old" replacement of damaged or stolen goods. You can get a quick no-obligation quote online. Their policies also offer FREE contents cover when you purchase buildings insurance through them, and, if you stay-claim free you’ll also get FREE contents cover for the life of your policy.
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Motorquote Direct  online shopping

At Motorquote Direct you can get excellent car, van, bike and household insurance cover at very affordable prices. Their interactive quotation service obtains quotes instantly from their panel of over 20 insurance companies, which includes Norwich Union, AXA, Legal & General, RSA and others.
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Zurich Zurich Home Insurance  online shopping

Zurich is popular for its choice of home insurance options which can be tailored to accommodate your individual needs. You can choose from their all-encompassing contents insurance programme, their exclusive buildings insurance plan or, if you want both, they'll put together an affordable combination insurance quote.
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