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Electronic Greeting Cards

Guide to the best sites for free web cards

Electronic web cards are very popular these days. Not only do they save time, but they're also free. Here's a list of some cool sites which can send free online greeting cards for you.

Top Picks in Electronic Greeting Cards
Hallmark Cards UK  online shopping

Hallmark, who have over 300 shops across the UK, sell beautiful greeting cards for any occasion which can be personalised with your message or photo. In addition they have a wide range of free eCards which you can send to bring a smile to someone's face today.
visit website - Preview - more Hallmark info

Our Trusted Shops in Electronic Greeting Cards
123 Greetings  online shopping

123 Greetings is probably the most popular free e-card service in the world. They're a massive choice of themes to choose from for any occasion: birthdays, love or friendship greeting, Christmas, wedding anniversaries and many more.
visit website - Preview - more 123 Greetings info

Free e-Cards online  online shopping

At 'Free e-Cards online' you'll find a selection of free electronic greeting cards for any and every occasion, including birthday-, wedding-, love- and sympathy cards. Each card can be customised by changing the colour and adding a poem or some music.
visit website - Preview - more Free e-Cards online info

Free Web Cards  online shopping

Free Web Cards, as the name suggest, offer free greeting cards which you can send to your family and friends. There're some nice extra features too, such as 'a send later feature', which allows you to create and schedule sending a card 1 year in advance.
visit website - Preview - more Free Web Cards info

Movie Webcards  online shopping

Great selection of free e-cards of current and soon to be released movies. Why not send a 'Movie Webcard' to invite someone out to the movies or tell your friends about the interesting movie you just saw.
visit website - Preview - more Movie Webcards info  online shopping is another free service where you can create virtual cards for your friends and family around the world.
visit website - Preview - more info

Warner Bros WeB Cards  online shopping

Warner Bros offers a selection of free web cards based on their Looney Toones cartoons, movies and TV programs. Most of them are animated and great fun.
visit website - Preview - more Warner Bros WeB Cards info

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