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Guide to the best DVD rental shops

You don't have to visit your local DVD rental shop anymore to hire a film. All these online stores allow you to hire the latest DVD releases from the comfort of your home.

Top Picks in DVD Hire
LOVEFiLM LOVEFiLM  online shopping

LOVEFiLM have grown to be the UK's largest online DVD rental community through their excellent customer service and wide selection of DVDs. They carry every DVD available for rent in the UK and over 1,000 copies of their most popular ones. You can have 1, 3 or 4 films out at any one time, prices start from £9.99 and a free 14-day trial is available as well. Has been highly recommended by our visitors.
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ScreenSelect ScreenSelect  online shopping

ScreenSelect offers you unlimited DVD rental with no late fees, no due dates and with over 28,000 titles to choose from ... from films to TV shows to documentaries. A recent independent survey by Which? Computing (circulation 600,000) rated them as the No.1 online DVD rental service in the UK ahead of all major UK competition. You can rent 4 DVDs completely free at the moment, so you’ve got nothing to loose when you try them.
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Our Trusted Shops in DVD Hire
Amazon DVD Rental  online shopping

At Amazon you can now also hire thousands of DVD titles online. Prices start from £7.99 / month, but as their plans don't offer unlimited rental, they're not suited if you watch a lot of DVDs. You will however get 10% off any DVD purchases at Amazon as well when you’re a member.
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Cinema Paradiso  online shopping

The prices for Cinema Paradiso's unlimited rental packages are competitive, but their selection is a bit limited when it comes to number of copies of top movies, which means you often get sent DVDs which are lower on your wishlist. Their free 15-day trial also only allows you to rent 1 DVD for free, so you cannot properly test their turnaround.
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DVD to Home  online shopping

DVD to Home offers a wide range of over 62,000 UK DVDs to rent, catering for all different genres and tastes. You'll get the second month for free when you sign-up.
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DVDs365  online shopping

DVDs365 has over 24,000 film, TV and Music DVD titles for you to choose from, and ... if they don't have your choice in stock, you can simply "Request a Film" and they'll get hold of it so you can hire it next time. Turnaround could be slightly improved though, and they sometimes sent a DVD which was outside the top ten of the wishlist. As such, they're overall OK, but there're better rental services on the market.
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Webflix  online shopping

With a choice of about 5,000 DVDs Webflix's online movie rental service is lacking a bit behind the competition. Rental packages are priced similar and a free 14 day trial is offered as well.
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Zoovies  online shopping

Zoovies offer unlimited DVD rental and pay-per-rental packages at competitive prices (starting from £8.99 / month). However, their selection is fairly limited and you hardly get one of the movies on the top of your preference list. Their 2 months rental for the price of one offer may sound good, but it's not a free trial as you'll have to pay for the first month rental first.
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