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Guide to the top UK DIY stores

Once you know what you're after, DIY tools and products are often easier and cheaper to buy online. Most DIY shops and stores offer great savings and will deliver fast directly to your home.

Top Picks in DIY
B&Q B&Q  online shopping

At B&Q you'll find over 10,000 DIY and Home & Garden products ... all at the famous B&Q's every day low prices. What's great is that they offer more than just online shopping, as you'll also find all the inspiration and DIY advice you need to create the look you want with their excellent online 'How-To' guides.
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Screwfix  online shopping

Screwfix is the UK's biggest online supplier of DIY, trade and home improvement goods & tools. They offer thousands of products at trade prices, as well as next day, Saturday & evening delivery.
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Wickes  online shopping

Wickes is one of the UK's leading building and home improvement retailers, catering both for the tradesman and diy enthusiast. Their wide product range includes tools, materials, doors, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, gardening equipment and much more. Their website also features a clearance section and some useful 'Tricks of the Trade' advice.
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Our Trusted Shops in DIY
Argos Argos  online shopping

Argos is one of the most renowned catalogue shops in the UK. They offer over 18,000 top quality, branded products, including furniture, electrical goods, toys, DIY tools, household appliances, jewellery, gifts, leisure items and much more ... all at great value. And, there's also the famous Argos 16 day money back guarantee, so you can buy online with confidence.
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Bernards Door Furniture  online shopping

Bernards is a specialist Ironmongers dealing in door furniture, such as door knockers, handles, knobs, hinges, letter plates, etc. Their site may not look pretty, but who cares when you're looking for low priced quality door furniture.
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Homebase Homebase  online shopping

At Homebase you can buy everything you need for your home diy and decorating projects, as well as quality furniture, homewares, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and gardening products. In addition, you'll also find information on their latest in-store promotions, a store locator and an impressive collection of DIY project guides, practical tips and calculators created by their experts.
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Locks Online  online shopping

Locks Online is the UK's largest online security store. They stock thousands of security products and equipment including door locks & furniture, vehicle security, window locks, solutions, security chains, cctv systems, cigarette smoke detectors and much more. Their site also features useful security and safety articles and technical guides.
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Plumb World  online shopping

Plumb World is one of the UK's largest online bathroom, plumbing and heating retailers. They sell bathroom suits, taps, showers and more bathroom accessories ... as well as a great selection of kitchen, heating, ventilation, gas and plumbing supplies - all at very competitive prices.
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Robert Dyas Robert Dyas  online shopping

Robert Dyas have a reputation for offering high quality brands at very competitive prices. You can buy their popular 'Best Buys' online, but unfortunately the product range is not as extensive as in most of the other stores in this category.
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Tesco Tesco  online shopping

Tesco's wide online product range also includes household & kitchen appliances, computing-, audio- & visual equipment, cameras and diy tools ... all at their every day low prices (which they check against their competitors). You'll also find enticing 'deals of the week'.
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Tooled-Up  online shopping

At Tooled-Up you'll find over 27,000 DIY products and tools at trade prices. They stock most major brands, including Makita, Bosch, Black & Decker, Draper, Stanley, Trend and more.
visit website - Preview - more Tooled-Up info

Topps Tiles  online shopping

Topps Tiles are the UK's largest tile and wood flooring retailer with over 260 stores. They stock all the latest tile designs, from the beauty of natural stone to the contemporary feel of glass. They also offer expert online advice and a cheapest price guarantee.
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UPVC Doors Online  online shopping

UPVC Doors Online are the UK's largest manufacturer of, you guessed it right, UPVC doors. They offer over 250 door styles to suit every home and budget, and deliver directly from the factory floor.
visit website - Preview - more UPVC Doors Online info

Victoria Plumb  online shopping

Victoria Plumb one of the UK's leading Internet bathroom super stores with 1000's of designer bathroom suits, baths, showers, taps, sinks and bathroom accessories at affordable prices.
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