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Guide to the best music download sites

If you've got an MP3 or other digital music player, you can buy and download your songs from various sites. We suggest you stick to these legal download services instead of the illegal free ones (click here for more info on the myths and risks of downloading free music).

Top Picks in Digital Music
Apple iTunes Apple iTunes  online shopping

The Apple iTunes music store has sold over 200 million songs so far, setting a new milestone for online music. Their legal download catalogue includes over 700,000 tracks from major and independent labels, as well as songs recorded by artists exclusively for iTunes. Singles cost 0.79, albums start at 7.99 and you can pre-view every song for 30 seconds free.
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Napster  online shopping

Napster is probably the world's most recognised brand in online music. As a Napster subscriber, you have access to unlimited streaming and downloading of over 1 million full-length hi-quality tracks. You can also burn all your favourite tracks to CD and transfer music to your portable digital music players. They currently offer a FREE 7-day trial, so it costs nothing to give it a go.
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Our Trusted Shops in Digital Music
7 Digital  online shopping

7 Digital Media sells music online on behalf of record labels like Universal, EMI, Warner Music, Sony BMG, Echo, Independiente and others. They've got a good choice and accept payments via SMS, Credit Card, Debit Card and BT phone bill.
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Bleep  online shopping

Bleep is the official download service from Warp Records. You can buy songs from their labels, and some other smaller ones like K7, Domino, Ninja Tune and Output. All their MP3s are high quality and have an average bit rate of around 205kbps, which is higher than the 128kbps of the majority of MP3s found on the internet.
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Epitonic  online shopping

Epitonic is a download service for more alternative music genres, including goth, noise, techno, punk, indie rock, electronica, darkwave, jungle, hardcore, world music and more.
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MP3 Fiesta  online shopping

MP3 Fiesta is a Russian based download website with prices for downloads as low as $0.99 for a full album. Do read through the T&Cs though and take your own counsel on whether downloading from them is legal within the country you're residing in.
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My Coke Music  online shopping

My Coke Music is a digital music download and streaming subscription service. You buy credits in advance which you then use for buying or listening to the latest songs and albums. Streaming costs 1p per song, single track prices start from 80p and full album prices from 6.40.
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Vitaminic  online shopping

At Vitaminic you'll find thousands of MP3 tracks from over 20,000 artists from all over the world and of all different genres. The service is provided for and by emerging musicians and bands that have chosen to use the Internet to promote themselves and their music. Listening using Real Player is free while downloading is charged.
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Wippit  online shopping

Wippit is a music download service with songs from more than 200 record labels including EMI, Sony and BMG, covering everything from rock to rap and dance to classical and even audio books. Getting their music is easy and cheap ... You can either buy one song a time from as little as .29p or get a subscription for UNLIMITED downloads for 50 per year or 4.99 a month and 12.99 for the first month. Please note though that some of the latest songs are not part of the unlimited package straight away.
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