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Car Supermarkets

Guide to the best car supermarkets in the UK

Car supermarkets offer you a wide selection of new and/or used cars at prices which are typically cheaper than the manufacturers’ UK list prices.

Our Trusted Sites in Car Supermarkets
Autobytel Autobytel  online shopping

Autobytel offers you a choice of 1,000's of new, nearly new and used cars, sourced from 100's of UK dealers and accredited suppliers. Their price watch promise keeps them competitive and their new car search tool is regularly updated with the hottest offers. Really great site if you'd like to buy a car cheap (especially for new cars).
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Car Giant  information only - no online shopping

Car Giant is a London based car supermarket stocking over 5,000 used cars at any one time. You can search through their second hand car stock online and receive daily updated E-mail notifications of any new car arrivals that meet your requirements.
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CarLand  information only - no online shopping

CarLand was one of the original car supermarkets and now cover 6 locations, offering over 3,000 used car at any one time. Every car and deal can be viewed in their online car showroom.
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Jamjar Cars Jamjar Cars  online shopping

Jamjar Cars, a Direct Line company, is one of the UK's leading online car retailer and supermarkets, allowing you to buy your next car from the comfort of your own home. They can offer you some good savings on both new and used cars.
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The Car Shop  information only - no online shopping

The Car Shop is one of the UK's leading car supermarket groups, with locations in Northampton, Manchester and Cardiff covering over 30 acres. You can browse through their complete selection of used cars and vans online.
visit website - Preview - more The Car Shop info

Virgin Cars Virgin Cars Supermarket  online shopping

Virgin Cars is a car supermarket offering 10,000's of cars with significant savings on UK list prices: up to 30% on new cars & vans and up to 52% on nearly new cars. Part exchange is welcome and they offer hassle-free nationwide delivery to your door.
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