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Guide to the popular car makers

You can use these car manufacturer websites to check vehicle models, specifications, UK list prices, dealer locations, new & used car availability and much more.

Our Trusted Sites in Car Manufacturers
Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo  information only - no online shopping

Alfa Romeo's site features a news centre, online showroom with car configurator and comparer, promotion info, a dealer locator and 'my garage' service which lets you store your cars servicing history. You can also quickly view the entire used car stock for every Alfa Romeo dealer in the country.
visit website - Preview - more Alfa Romeo info

Audi Audi  information only - no online shopping

Audi's website features graphically rich presentations of their new cars ranges, with the option to arrange a test drive or order a brochure. You can also view the entire stock of approved used Audi cars and find your nearest dealer.
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BMW BMW  information only - no online shopping

At BMW you'll find everything you need to research your new BMW, from independent road test reports to an on-line car configurator. You can also search the whole country or your local dealer for your ideal approved used BMW, and get more news, information and accessories for your BMW in their owners area.
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Citroen Citroen  information only - no online shopping

This manufacturer also offers info on their new car ranges, with prices, a car configurator, specials deals, TV ads and a dealer locator. You can also look for used vans and cars within the approved CitroŽn dealer network.
visit website - Preview - more Citroen info

Fiat Fiat  information only - no online shopping

Fiat's site displays all the info you need on their new models and promotions. You can use the dealer locator to organise a viewing or test drive. Thereís also a link to their approved used Fiat cars site and an E-garage with services for existing Fiat car owners.
visit website - Preview - more Fiat info

Ford Ford  information only - no online shopping

This manufacturer also lets you view their latest car ranges, order a brochure, view the latest promotions, configure you own car and request a test drive at a Ford dealer. You'll also have access to a wide range of Ford used cars, backed by a unique package of support that takes the stress out of buying a used car.
visit website - Preview - more Ford info

Honda Honda  online shopping

Honda's car comparator lets you compare any Honda car against any other manufacturer's and see how it measures up. You can also locate your nearest dealer, book a service and search for approved Honda used cars within the Honda dealer network (and ever order them to be delivered to your nearest dealer).
visit website - Preview - more Honda info

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz  information only - no online shopping

Mercedes-Benz's website features a new car showroom, a dealer locator and online brochures. You can also search their database of all approved used cars from both dealers and Mercedes-Benz Direct.
visit website - Preview - more Mercedes-Benz info

MG Rover MG Rover  information only - no online shopping

MG Rover lets you view the full MG range, design your own car online, request a brochure, book a test drive and locate your nearest dealer. You can also search dealer stocks of approved used MGs and buy with the extra peace of mind of a full vehicle inspection and service history.
visit website - Preview - more MG Rover info

Nissan Nissan  information only - no online shopping

From information about the latest Nissan range, to details of their finance offers and booking test drives, you'll find it on their site. You can also look for approved used Nissan cars available direct from Nissan Motors GB or from your local dealer.
visit website - Preview - more Nissan info

Peugeot Peugeot  information only - no online shopping

Peugeot site features brochures, specs, a dealer locator and a car configurator which gives you an on-line quote and even contacts a dealer to organise a test drive.
visit website - Preview - more Peugeot info

Porsche Porsche  information only - no online shopping

Porsche offers all the info you may need on their latest ranges, Porsche's service centres & products, events, owner clubs and history. You can also search for your Porsche Approved used car.
visit website - Preview - more Porsche info

Renault Renault  information only - no online shopping

This French car manufacturer provides info on their new models, finance deals, aftersales services, as well as a dealer and used car search tool.
visit website - Preview - more Renault info

Saab Saab  information only - no online shopping

You can order a brochure, locate a dealer, schedule a test drive, research the latest offers & pricing, search for approved used cars and much more from the Saab website.
visit website - Preview - more Saab info

Toyota Toyota  information only - no online shopping

At Toyota's site you can compare their range of new cars, organise a test drive, find a local dealer, request brochures and search through their stock of approved used cars.
visit website - Preview - more Toyota info

Vauxhall Vauxhall  online shopping

Vauxhall not only provides you with all the information you need when choosing your new car, but also allows you to order your new Vauxhall completely online. Existing owner can download owner manuals and access more aftersales services. You can locate approved used Vauxhalls through their Network Q sister site.
visit website - Preview - more Vauxhall info

Volkswagen Volkswagen  information only - no online shopping

Volkswagen's website features information on their new car range, aftersales services, a dealer locator and a user-friendly search facility to locate your ideal approved used Volkswagen car.
visit website - Preview - more Volkswagen info

Volvo Volvo  information only - no online shopping

This manufacturer lets you build and price your own Volvo car, locate your nearest dealer, read their latest news and events, and search through a comprehensive selection of used cars within their UK dealer network.
visit website - Preview - more Volvo info

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